NOVO Workstyle is a brand new office furniture brand invested by the renowned Japanese furniture giant, Itoki. NOVO Workstyle offers independent R&D service, manufacturing, brand integration, space planning and wholesale service.

Innovation is the key of our corporate values. We aim to provide comprehensive office furniture solutions to promote modern and healthy working environments through our innovative, stylish and energetic designs.

Based on our experience in the office furniture industry in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, our understanding of the markets in the above places and our production capacity, NOVO Workstyle can create a new product platform which can reflect our corporate value to bring innovative elements to our service and promote a healthy and energetic office experience.

NOVO Workstyle是日本知名辦公家具大廠Itoki所投資的辦公家具公司,是一家擁有自主研發、生產製造、商品品牌整合、空間規劃、銷售服務為一體的的新創品牌公司。

「創新」是NOVO Workstyle的品牌價值核心。NOVO Workstyle期望以創意設計、具生活品味及活力的風格為工作場所提供全方位的商品整合服務,以符合現代的工作環境及對工作健康的訴求。

秉持我們在日本、中國、台灣及香港數十年經營辦公家具產業的豐富及專業市場經驗,NOVO Workstyle除了擁有引領市場的產品以及製造實力之外,更整合了國內外其他大型國際品牌的優質商品,期望打造一個可反映我們追求創新、活力、高效及工作健康理念的商品服務整合平台的新品牌。

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